Kotti CMS - ElasticSearch integration

Announcing a new Kotti CMS (Python web framework based on Pylons/Pyramid and SQLAlchemy) plugin that provides ElasticSearch integration for fulltext search and indexing:
Development status? It should be considered experimental because this is the very first implementation. So any kind of help will be very appreciated! Beer, testing, pull releases, feedback, improving test coverage and so on.


kotti_es is based on a pyramid_es fork (https://github.com/truelab/pyramid_es/tree/feature-wrapper, there is a PR in progress). The pyramid_es author is Scott Torborg (https://github.com/storborg).


The configuration is very simple.

Just enable the kotti_es plugin just add the kotti_es plugin, choose the index name and elastic search server addresses.

From the kotti_es README file:
kotti.configurators =

elastic.index = your_project
elastic.servers = localhost:9200
elastic.ensure_index_on_start = 1
kotti_es.blacklist =

kotti.search_content = kotti_es.util.es_search_content

Index already existing contents

With kotti_es you can reindex all your already existing contents without any change to the original Kotti code base with just one command:
$ reindex_es -c app.ini
So kotti_es plays well with models defined by third party plugins that are not ElasticSearch aware. You can install kotti_es on an already existing Kotti instance.

Custom behaviours

If you want you can override/extend the default indexing policy just registering your custom adapter. See the kotti_es tests for more info.

So no need to change existing models, no need to inherit from mixin classes and so on.


kotti_es in action:

Wanna know more about Kotti CMS?

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