travis-lint, how to check your .travis.yml file

If you are a developer probably you already know the travis-ci.org continuous integration service and this kind of image status:
Adding CI support to your software hosted on github.com is very easy:
  1. add a file named .travis.yml to your repository, it's a YAML configuration file
  2. got to travis-ci and enable CI for your repo
You you need more details check the official documentation: this blog post is not focused on how to enable travis or what is CI.

The question is: how you can check the .travis.yml syntax? And deprecations or possible issues without having to lose time with failed builds?
The answer is travis-lint.


travis-lint is a tool that check your .travis.yml for possible issues, deprecations and so on. It's recommended for all travis-ci.org users.

How to install travis-lint

If you have already installed the gem utility it requires you just one command:
gem install travis-lint

travis-lint online

Too lazy for locally installing travis-lint? Go to the Travis WebLint service:

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